Jump Rope is NOT only for Boxers!

Although commonly associated with boxing and the martial arts, rope-skipping is also recognised by strength and conditioning experts as an invaluable tool for sports such as basketball, track and field, table tennis and fencing.

Why Rope-Skipping Works…

1.Dynamic Balance

Rope Skipping requires the coordination of several muscle groups to sustain the precisely timed and rhythmic movements, which in turn increases the athlete’s capacity for dynamic balance. Since all these movements are performed in the universal athletic position, this allows the athlete to react
quickly in any direction before moving back to the start position.

2.Efficient Movements

Whatever footwork you can perform while jumping rope, you will likely be able to perform the footwork more efficiently without the rope!

Proper technique in sports allows the athlete to conserve energy and increase endurance. Concentrating on maintaining the rhythm of swinging the rope while performing different jumps facilitates subtle neuromuscular adjustments, which in turn increases efficiency of movement during games.

3.Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

Rope Skipping is especially popular in sports where fast hand and leg co-ordination is essential for success. Examples of such sports includes boxing, fencing, handball and racket sports. Double Unders also reduces the stretch shortening cycles, which directly improves vertical acceleration.

4.Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness

Depending on how many percent of your maximum heart rate you train at, rope-skipping is a well known activity to promote both aerobic and anaerobic fitness essential for all sports.

The SkipFit Programme for Athletes covers the following:

-Explanation on how rope-skipping improves sports performance.

-The basic 5 jumps (Single Bounce, Bell, Skier, Front Straddle & Side Straddle), introduction to the Athletic Jumps (Running Steps and Double Unders) and Rope-Skipping Circuits.

-Rope Skipping challenges with the focus on team cohesion. Teams will perform the challenges twice- first without much instructions before making a second attempt but not before doing a reflection using the coaching model below, which is in line with teamwork and excellence. They will discover how behaviours in line with Effort, Support and Learning helps them perform better as a team.

ESL Baseball
These sessions will be specially design to the needs of your specific sport. Athletes that have been coached by us include those from Singapore Sports School (Table Tennis, Netball and Swimming), Judo players, Taekwondo players and several S-League Clubs.

TT skipfit 2

If you would like to find out how to include rope skipping in your sports training, contact or call 9793 9745 now!

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