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Whether you are an educator looking to UP the fun factor for your PE lessons, or a coach looking to improve the fitness and performance of your charges, this course will meet and even exceed your expectations!

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Games such as the ball toss in long rope, triplets and ‘under the bridge’ are not only fun but develops peripheral awareness, speed, agility and even teamwork!” – Gary Tan, PE Teacher (Singapore Sports School)


“Skipping broken down with simplicity &  fun! SkipFit broke the basics well to us adults who are going to be training our students/ athletes. Not only that, the elements of creativity & having fun were encouraged – made it so much more interesting!” – Ranald Joseph, Strength and Conditioning Coach (Singapore Sports Institute)

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SkipFit® Coaching Course (Level 1)

This programme is specially designed for educators, sports coaches and fitness trainers. A certificate of completion will be awarded to participants upon completion of the workshop. This is a full day course with six modules to be completed.

2016 modules

“The methodology of teaching skipping developed by Hansen is very clear and easily understood. I will definitely introduce skipping to my students to compliment to their sports specific programme.” – Mr Andy Loe,
Wushu and Strength and Conditioning Coach (Elite Wushu)

“SkipFit is a great start to any personal fitness program! No matter your age or fitness level, the training is engaging and progressive! It worked for me to take my fitness to the next step safely!” – Andrew Tan, Fitness Enthusiast

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About the trainer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMr. Hansen Bay, BA Physical Education & BSc Psychology 

For more than 20 years, Hansen has been actively involved with the sport, fitness and education industry. He began his journey as an athlete, subsequently as a Physical Education teacher and lecturer, and over the last six years as a sport and psychology coach to school and elite athletes in Singapore. Due to his vast experience, Hansen has a distinctive way of explaining sport knowledge in simple words and applying them in real life situations.

The SkipFit® System

Hansen is the creator of The SkipFit® System – a unique and systematic synchronized skipping programme – where basic rope-skipping skills are taught progressively to the beat of music phrases. This system is endorsed by the Sports Education Programme in Singapore and has been showcased at both local and overseas physical education conferences. Since its launch in 2008, more than 30,000 school children have learnt skipping the SkipFit Way.

Hansen is also the author of The SkipFit® System – An instructional guide and DVD for Physical Education teachers, and Let’s Jump! Your Personal Guide to Rope-Skipping.
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Here is a video of some activities you can expect during the course.

SkipFit Workshop 2011



Participants should have at least one year experience working with students.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse any participants from signing up for the course.

For more information about the next course, contact or call 9384 3142. 

Download the registration form now!
Please download the Course Agreement and Indemnity Form too.

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