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JumpFest 2016, 29 July 2016


Power Jump Rope with National Judo players

Conducted another great power jump rope session with the national Judo team! The national Judo team are having their off-season training and have invited us down to conduct a Power Jump Rope session for their athletes. Some of the power jump rope skills covered include the full pushup and double unders. Both of these rope

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SkipFit Workshop @ Tenby School Ipoh








SkipFit Challenges @ Riverside Secondary

SkipFit Long Rope Challenge

Under the Bridge Challenge

Long Rope Relay (2 Turners and 8 Jumpers)


Skipfit @ Canadian International School

skipfit_CIS1 skipfit_CIS2 skipfit_CIS3


Chongzheng Primary School

1 turner, 1 jumper

1 jumper 1 turner

Pair skipping (face to face)

Tummy to tummy

Pair skipping (side by side)



Elias Park Primary

Team Traveller

The FUNskip Awards System

The main objective of the FUNskip Awards System is to help children and the young at heart experience the joy of rope-skipping in a progressive and exciting way. At the same time, the awards system also provides ample opportunities for creativity and interaction with other children. Beginners start off from Grasshopper classes and progress on

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FUNSkip Holiday Programme

Live it up with the FUNskip June Holiday Programme! Sign up now! Email or call 9793 9745 for more information.

Increase Football Speed, Part 1: Why Jumping Rope Is the Perfect Speed Workout

By: Tammy Kovaluk (| January 28, 2013 Speed, agility and quickness. Every football athlete, regardless of position, needs these attributes. They are the difference makers between juking a tackle, making a tackle or scoring a winning touchdown. Speed, agility and quickness are also the main emphases in jumping rope, which is why it’s such a

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