Power Jump Rope with National Judo players

Conducted another great power jump rope session with the national Judo team!

SkipFit Power Jump Rope with national judo team

The national Judo team are having their off-season training and have invited us down to conduct a Power Jump Rope session for their athletes. Some of the power jump rope skills covered include the full pushup and double unders. Both of these rope skills require the players to engage their trunk to execute the moves, which is important in their sport.

Hansen demonstrating the double unders



Athletes practising the full pushup

We also took them through the 4×4 Workout, getting them warmed up sufficiently for their training thereafter.

Athletes attempting the 4x4 Workout

Athletes attempting the 4×4 Workout

We finished off the session with me demonstrating the various types of rope skipping skills.

Demonstrating variety of crosses

Demonstrating variety of crosses

Demonstrating variety of multiples

Demonstrating variety of multiples

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