The FUNskip Awards System


The main objective of the FUNskip Awards System is to help children and the young at heart experience the joy of rope-skipping in a progressive and exciting way. At the same time, the awards system also provides ample opportunities for creativity and interaction with other children.

Long Rope Game

Beginners start off from Grasshopper classes and progress on to the Bullfrog, Hare, Kangaroo, Gazelle and Puma awards. To progress from one award to another, FUNskippers are required to execute certain jumps, perform a synchronized routine and also complete a rope-skipping challenge (e.g. partner and long rope skipping) with fellow FUNskippers.

Grasshopper classes are a great way to introduce children to the exciting world of rope-skipping through interactive games and challenges. Also, instead of struggling with actual rope-skipping which can be challenging if the child is not developmentally ready to do so, they practice and perform rope-turns to popular music instead.

Side Swing Dance

The aim of every FUNskipper would be to achieve the Puma award. By then, they would be able to execute more than 60 different jumps, be proficient with the Double Dutch and also choreograph their own routines to popular music!

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