Let’s Jump! – Skip, Perform & Impress!

Lets Jump

Let’s Jump! – Your Personal Guide to Rope Skipping by Hansen Bay
ISBN 978-981-08-4129-4

This book introduces a breakthrough coaching system that shows you how to:

  • Skip with the correct technique
  • Perform different routines to the tempo of the music
  • Design interval trainings using the skipping rope and other fitness tools
  • Get the most out of the rope-skipping as a strength & conditioning tool
  • Impress with expert rope turns and jumps!

Let’s Jump! covers everything from basic rope turns, intermediate jump routines, alternative workouts to sport-specific training for boxing and martial arts.

Includes an Instructional DVD with dynamic displays of each corresponding rope skills and routines as covered in the book.

About The Author

A former lecturer for Sport Management, Physical Education Teacher and Group Exercise Leader, Hansen has been in the fitness and education scene for more than 15 years and his qualifications include:

•BA (Physical Education) NTU Singapore
•Dip Hypnotheraphy NGH,IMDA,IACT
•ASCA (Australia) Strength & Conditioning Coach
•Central YMCA (London) Exercise to Music Instructor
•FISAF certified Personal Trainer

Hansen founded Rope Sports (Singapore) in 2007 and is the author and creator of The SkipFit® System-one of the most popular Sport Education Programme endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council. Since its launch, more than 10,000 Singaporeans have gone through this programme. In the same year, he worked with schools in the east zone of Singapore to achieve the Guinness World Record for The Most Number of People Skipping Together at One Venue. There were a total of 3105 skippers at the record breaking event.

Hansen’s passion for sports, health and fitness is seen in his involvement in different sports. He competed in Track & Field during his schools days and in the year 2000 he was second runner up in the National Aerobics Championships. More recently in 2005, Hansen became the first Singaporean to compete in professional Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. He has also trained with the Sanshou (Chinese boxing) national team and competed in amateur boxing.

Hansen is often quoted on newspapers and magazines such as Shape, Ezyhealth and Motherhood. He has also been interviewed on radio and television.

Purchase your copy HERE!

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