SkipFit® Cardio Beginners Workout

Welcome to the SkipFit® Cardio beginners routine, an ideal rope-skipping routine that is progressive, fun and suitable for most ability levels!

As with all new fitness workouts and exercise regimes, consulting your doctor prior to attempting them is always recommended.

What you will need…

You will need a rope. We recommend a long handle freestyle rope for more control especially when you are performing rope tricks and turns.

You will also need suitable footwear. Cross-trainers, running shoes or normal trainers are recommended. .

The Basic SkipFit routine

The routine is choreographed to four progressive SkipFit® musical phrases, each made up of 4 x 8 beats. Four musical phrases-A, B, C and D, are linked together to form the Basic SkipFit® Routine.

Perform the routine to music of about 120 to 130 beats per minute (bpm), or even at your own pace. Repeat the routine as many times as long as you feel comfortable, i.e., able to sing a tune or hold a conversation without too breathless.

If you find yourself tripping over the rope too often, i.e., not able to jump successfully through the rope, it is time to perform the routine with rope turns instead.

Cool down…
Remember to allow your heart rate to return to resting rate gradually by gradually decreasing movements in used muscles until blood flow normalises, perform rope turns or gentle movements corresponding to the workout performed.


Contact us now to start a SkipFit® Cardio class at your fitness facility! Call 97939745 or email

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