Upcoming SkipFit Lessons!

Introducing a rope-skipping programme that focuses on motor skills, creativity and music!

Register NOW for the June Holidays Programme @ HomeTeam Bukit Batok Clubhouse for ages 7 and UP.


Starting on 2 June 2012 to 30 June 2012 (Pls refer to registration form for class schedule)


HomeTeam Bukit Batok Clubhouse, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003


$100* for HomeTeam Members, $110* for Non-Members (8 lessons)

*cost includes an adjustable SkipFit® jump-rope

For more details, please contact Hansen Bay at 9793 9745 or e-mail hansen@vitagefitness.com

Download registration form here: SkipFit Registration Form

Introducing a new rope-skipping programme that focuses on the development of motor skills, creativity and music!

1. Develop Motor Skills

Proper coaching of rope-skipping does wonders to a child’s ABCs (Agility, Balance & Co-ordination) and helps eliminate many barriers to skipping, such as having the wrong technique and timing. Well developed ABCs will have positive transfers to sports such as Track & Field, Badminton, Basketball, Squash Tennis, Table Tennis and Martial Arts.

2. Fun & Enjoyable

In this program, students pick up skipping according to progressive SkipFit® phrases, which are pre-choreographed skipping skills to 4 x 8 musical beats. Four phrases-A, B, C and D, are linked together to form a SkipFit® routine.

Learning to skip to the tempo of popular songs every lesson is fun and engaging!

3. Incorporates SEL and Encourages Creativity

Lessons are structured such that students get to perform the SkipFit® phrases starting from the first lesson.During the finale competition,participants will be able to skip, perform and impress their peers and teachers. The finale also serves as a form of evaluation for the students.

Performing in groups encourage students to develop confidence together with social and interpersonal skills.They also get to exercise their creativity when they improvise the Basic SkiFit Routine ie. change formations, starting and ending poses.

Through this program, students get to learn the basics of music and choreography.

For more information, contact Hansen Bay at 9793 9745 or e-mail hansen@vitagefitness.com.


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